Having a monitoring dashboard where you can see each of your CPU miner’s statistics is probably an awesome thing to have, right? Having that in ARO is very much possible.

This post will try to teach you how to setup a monitoring dashboard where you can see each of your CPU miner’s statistics. Documentation for this is available at Dans Java Miner, scroll down to How do I enable stats tracking? section.


Enabling stats tracking will require you to have an ARO node setup. It will listen for updates from your miners (called workers). If you haven’t setup a node yet, go ahead and follow this post to install a node on your system.

Once you have node running, download the tarball on this page and extract it in your node directory. This is a fork of the original node software that has additional options in it to allow for monitoring.

Just allow it to replace the existing files.  Then, go to include folder, open and edit reportconfig.inc.php file.

Set your own secret token.

Open your browser and load your YOURIPADDRESS/dashboard.php.

At first load it will say “Updating db schema! Please Refresh”  same as the first time you load the node.

After you reload the page a dashboard will be displayed. You might see your dashboard different than the screenshot because it is a styled one, you may proceed on styling yours too.

Now that you have setup your node worker listener, open up the config.cfg file of your miner(s). If you don’t know where it is, look at these posts How To CPU Mine ARO on Linux Using Dans Java Miner and How To Mine ARO on Windows Using Dans Java Miner to know where your config.cfg file is possibly located.

Edit the config file, just beneath the last line – which is your unique worker name (you could rename it as you wish to better identify). – add this line below, using your personal information.

http://my-arionum-node report.php false SecretToken1

Save the file and you’re all setup!

Your miner(s) will then report to the host you’ve indicated and you can now monitor the statistics of each one of your workers in your dashboard.

Happy mining!