Perhaps, most of the cryptocoin miners out there will probably build special rigs or get dedicated setup just for mining.

If that’s the case, I bet you will want to maximize the potential of your Arionum mining experience and mine every bit of token you could possibly get.

Using Dans Java Miner will get the job done! Although, in order to use Dans Java Miner, you will have to have a Windows 64-bit version installed in your machine.

Let’s get started!

To be able to run the Java program, download first the Java SE Runtime Environment 8 Windows x64 Offline installer.

Once downloaded. Follow through the installation process.

Next, determine whether your CPU’s instruction set supports AVX or AVX2 or neither so you can decide the appropriate program you will need to download from here.

If you know what kind of CPU you currently have, check on this wikipedia page to know what your CPU supports. Or, you can easily download CPU-Z, install and run it to check the instruction set of your CPU.

Here is a screenshot on where to look for it:

Download your chosen .exe file. When download finishes, locate the file, double-click to run it.

It will open up a command prompt. At first run, it will ask you to setup the configuration for the miner to use every time it will be executed.

The following will be the configuration items you will need to answer.

When the configuration is completed. The miner will commence.

And, your miner is successfully working!


Whenever you wanted to change details from your initial configuration, you can do so by going to the folder where you run the .exe file.  In my case, perhaps yours too, it is in the Downloads folder. There you will see config.cfg file.

Open the file in an editor, notepad will do.


Each line is your provided answer during initial setup. You can refer to the screenshot above for each value’s intent. Change the value of the line you wish to revise then save it as is.

The next time you run the java miner program, it will read and use the modified config file.

That’s pretty much it! Happy mining!