Like any other cryptocurrencies available today, you will also need a wallet address in order to start doing transactions and some activities related to Arionum coin.

This article will guide you straightforward on how to setup and learn the features of the ARO wallet that we’ll certainly be using.



Arionum has its own Windows LightWallet that you can download from their official website

or by directly clicking here.

Once download is complete, locate the downloaded file and run the installer.

The installer will then download necessary additional files for the LightWallet to work.

When the download finishes, it will create new wallet address in your machine and will prompt if you want it encrypted.

You can either choose Yes or No. However, it is highly recommended to have it encrypted.

Afterwards, it will prompt you to enter your desired wallet password. Select Encrypt Wallet next.

When all steps have been completed, you should be seeing the LightWallet dashboard and your own ARO wallet address.

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Sooner or later, we will be sending out ARO coin(s) for particular reasons. Good thing we can simply do that through the LightWallet.

Go to the second tab Send Transactions.

Then you will need to fill up the form fields and click Send Transaction when you’re done.



If you are a new ARO user and have availed the BONUS part of this article, then you have already tried how it is to receive ARO on your wallet. Well, in case you missed it, go ahead and find it at the end part of the INSTALLATION section.

Receiving ARO from others will only need your wallet address be given to them. But if you want to request specific ARO value, you could do so in LightWallet.

Go to Receive Funds tab and find the Create a request funds QR button.

After clicking, a dialog box will appear asking you to indicate ARO value you need.

Clicking OK will proceed to asking you on providing a transaction message (optional).

Lastly, it will generate a QR code which you can give to the other person you’d be requesting to.

You just have to wait until what they have sent you reflects on the Transactions table.



If you want to keep a copy of of your current wallet data, you can be able to back it up on LightWallet.

You can see Backup option at the top-right section of the GUI window.

Clicking it will display the ‘Save As’ window so you can be able to choose where you would like to save your ARO backup file.

If you wish to open or use your current wallet data on another device, your backup file is what you’ll be needing. Or maybe your backup file will save you big time when the machine messes up. We’ll never know how much work you’ve saved in ARO. 🙂



Loading up your ARO backup file to LightWallet is easy as backing it up.

Still at the top-right portion of the GUI window, located right before Backup, is the Restore button.

Clicking it will display a prompt informing you of what will happen after restoring.

When you choose Yes, an ‘Open’ dialog box will appear and then you can find the .aro file you wish to use in the wallet.

This is also what you have to do when you want to use your existing ARO wallet on another computer.



The following will introduce you to other things you’ll find in the LightWallet:

  • Integrated Miner – Mine with ease. 


  • Wallet Info


  • About Section – Just a humble reminder of what Arionum is about and gentle call out for support to the development. 🙂


  • Encrypt/Decrypt
    • Encrypt – if you did not encrypt the wallet during the installation and later decided to encrypt it, head on to top-right portion on the GUI window and hit Encrypt button. This will display a dialog box requiring you to enter the password you want for encrypting.
    • Decrypt – if the wallet is prior encrypted and decrypting it is what you wanted now, you will see Decrypt button right after the Backup button at the top-right portion of the GUI window. Once clicked, it will prompt asking you if you’re certain with the action taken.


And, that’s a wrap! Enjoy being an Arionum user.