ARO’s mainnet release was in January 2018 and CPU mining went live. In order to accommodate trading ARO coins amongst miners and speculative investors, the ARO developers created an escrow form to allow the ARO community to trade coins before ARO gets released on exchanges. The following is a list of instructions for buying ARO OTC (over the counter) using the Discord chat room.

NOTE: Once ARO is available on exchanges, OTC trading will still be available but will most likely be used very little.
UPDATE 2018/04/15: ARO began trading on it’s first exchange. Check the links page for exchanges.

What You Need To Do Before Buying ARO

  1. Check the latest escrow prices here to get an idea of the ongoing prices for ARO: NOTE: if this page is empty then there have been no OTC trades in the past few days.
  2. Join the Arionum Discord chat room (link is at top of website)
  3. Join the #trading channel in Discord
  4. Review the most recent offers. WTS = Willing To Sell. WTB = Willing To Buy.
  5. Determine how much you want to buy
  6. You will need an ARO address and an email address (that you can access) for escrow.

How To Buy ARO

  1. Message the users posting WTS offers in #trading and negotiate a price with them. Send them a via private message. If no offers are available you can post a “WTB 500 ARO for X BTC” or whatever amount you wish to trade for.
  2. Prepare your buying currency amount (typically LTC, ETH, BTC). Make sure the wallet you use gives you TID (transfer ID). You will need the TID so you can attach it to the escrow form.
  3. The seller will need your ARO address and email address. Most sellers know how to use the form. Tell the seller to fill out the form. It is available here:
  4. Once the seller has completed the form, you will receive an email with a link to the escrow information. Review that it is correct.
  5. The seller will send the ARO to the escrow address (NOT your ARO address) and the system will wait for 4 confirmations on the ARO blockchain. This can take about 16 minutes.
  6. The seller needs to attach the ARO TID to the escrow form for it to confirm correctly. They can do this when they send ARO or after by clicking on the link in the email to edit the escrow form manually.
  7. Once the ARO has been confirmed as received to the escrow address 4 times, you can send your LTC/ETH/BTC to the sellers address listed on the escrow form.
  8. Get the TID of your transaction and click on the link in the email to edit the escrow form and add the TID
  9. Now wait for your transaction to confirm on the other coins blockchain.
  10. Once the seller can confirm you have sent them their payment, they will complete the transaction by updating the escrow form and the ARO will be released from the ARO escrow address and sent to your ARO address. This can take up to 4 minutes for the first confirm. Sometimes longer.

NOTE: If you have trouble with the transaction, you can contact the devs in the Discord chat.