I currently have 21 masternodes under my management. And another 4 regular nodes running as well and one testnet box. If you are interested in running a masternode (or a regular node) and find the process daunting I can help.

I can setup the node, configure it, optimize it, and get it stable. I then monitor it for when/if it goes out of sync and fix issues. I have custom reporting tools that can show you rewards and queue placement.

I am interested in reward sharing over one time payments but everything is negotiable.

My masternode setup process is …
1) You sign up for hosting
2) Get me access to the hosting (optional; not required)
3) I setup server(s) as a regular node
4) I configure it to be a masternode (if desired)
5) I give you commands to run to register your wallet on the network for the masternode. I do NOT need your private keys at any point. You keep custody of them.
6) I give you links to a panel that you can use to monitor your rewards. You keep your own wallet and can use your rewards freely as they come in.

I can also troubleshoot existing nodes if you are having trouble syncing and staying online.

Contact me in Discord chat (KyleFromOhio) if interested or have questions.