This guide is a tutorial on how I setup one of my GPU mining rigs to mine ARO (Arionum).


Linux Ubuntu Artful 17.10. I installed Ubuntu LIVE iso to a USB stick and then formatted a second usb stick and plugged them both in. I booted to the installed USB stick and installed Ubuntu on to the second USB stick. I then removed the installed USB stick, rebooted into the second stick wih the fresh Ubuntu on it. You may want to look into some Linux tutorials on how to reduce writes to your disk (if using a USB disk).If you install to a normal hard drive then you can skip this.

Needs universe repo first…

sudo add-apt-repository universe
sudo apt-get update


Reboot after any driver updates.

To mine on one GPU, run …

./arionum-cuda-miner -p -a YOURADDRESS -b15 -t1

Note the -b and -t options, you will need to tweak these to get your best hash rate. If you get out of memory errors you went too high.

To mine on multiple GPU rig, just add -u to the end …

./arionum-cuda-miner -p -a YOURADDRESS -b15 -t1 -u

To test nvidia temperatures on your GPU

nvidia-smi -q -d temperature OR nvidia-settings -q gpucoretemp