If you are a Linux user and wanted to join the ARO mining squad, this is the way you could achieve it.

You will yield best results, mining Arionum using Dans Java Miner.

If you encounter problem(s) with these steps, feel free to ask for help on the official Discord channel.

Let’s begin our road to mining ARO!

To start with, launch the terminal by hitting Super+T on your keyboard or directly searching it from the Applications.

When you’re terminal is launched, then you’re ready to roll!

Friendly Note: You need to make sure not to skip any of the steps.

Before installing anything else, it is recommended that you update current dependencies listed in your machine first.

sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y

Now, let’s start installing required dependencies for the miner to run. Execute the following command:

sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk maven git gcc make build-essential -y

That would install Maven, git, make, gcc and build-essential dependencies.

Wait until it’s done. It will take a short while. Little patience is just what’s needed here. 😀

After installation completes, clone the miner repository in your home directory or cd to the directory you prefer and run this command:

git clone git://github.com/Programmerdan/arionum-java

When you successfully cloned the repo, go to miner directory by entering this command:

cd arionum-java/arionum-miner

Next, enter this command line and wait until the build finishes.

mvn clean package

This would take a little while as well, so chill out and go eat a burrito or something.


Next, enter commands…

chmod +x build-argon.sh


The latter command will output something like this..


And finally! You can now run the miner by this command:


The command will produce the following to setup your initial configuration.

Concluding your preferences will give you output like this.

Once you see continuous output like this, then your active participation in ARO mining is up and running. Cheers!


When there is a new release, run these commands to update your local repo copy.

cd arionum-java

git pull

Then, you can go on running the updated miner.

From arionum-java folder.

Enter: cd arionum-miner then ./run.sh



In case you want to modify your config file, it’s good thing to know that you could do it so.

The more convenient way is by accessing the file through GUI file explorer.

  • Navigate to your /arionum-java/arionum-miner folder.
  • Find and open config.cfg file in a text editor. Each line is the corresponding value for each config item you’ve provided answers when you first ran the ./run.sh command.

Second option is for those who prefer to be geeky using the terminal.

  • Navigate to /arionum-java/arionum-miner directory by executing command:
    • cd /arionum-java/arionum-miner
  • Then, edit config.cfg file on any editor you prefer (nano, vim, gedit, etc.) and save it afterwards. Enter sample command (change on your preferred editor):
    • sudo nano config.cfg

That’s it! Next time you run the miner, the updated config will be used.


Now, all those commands can actually be placed and rolled into a single script so everything can be run just by a single command.

Example script below includes installation of tmux and cpulimit which are optional. Don’t worry. There’s no harm omitting commands related to those.

Tmux can allow you to run your miner in a window that stays open after you drop your SSH session. This is highly suggested otherwise your miner will stop when you disconnect.

cpulimit is optional and will limit how much of your cpu is being used on your computer to mine.

Open any text editor and save your file with .sh extension. (e.g. aro-miner.sh)

Then launch terminal, cd to directory where you have saved the script and run your script as root user with its filename. (e.g.  sudo ./aro-miner.sh)

Note: Do not just copy everything. Change what’s needed to be changed in accordance to your personal information.


# Run as root user

# update server
apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y;
# install packages
apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk maven git gcc make tmux cpulimit build-essential -y;

# clone project;
cd ~;
rm -Rfv arionum-java;
git clone git://github.com/Programmerdan/arionum-java;
cd ~/arionum-java/arionum-miner;
mvn clean package;

# built it
chmod +x build-argon.sh;
sh build-argon.sh;

# optional: if you want to limit CPU eg. 300 = 300/400 = 75% of CPU on a 4 core server
# nohup cpulimit -e java -l300 &>/dev/null &

# create config
echo "pool" >> config.cfg;
echo "http://aropool.com" >> config.cfg;
echo "ENTER YOUR ARO ADDRESS HERE" >> config.cfg;
echo "4" >> config.cfg;
echo "standard" >> config.cfg;
echo "false" >> config.cfg;
hostname >> config.cfg;
# this line is only needed if you are using dans node else skip it
echo "http://ENTERYOURNODEIPADDRESSHERE report.php false ENTERYOURTOKENHERE" >> config.cfg;

# start tmux session; run it
tmux new-session -d -s aro 'sh run.sh'
# tmux will stay open even if you close SSH; to re-open session attach it
tmux attach -t aro