The following is a quick overview of the Arionum Light Wallet Cli.

To use the wallet cli you need php-cli installed on any computer. If you type “php -v” and you get a response that says something like “PHP 7.2.8-1” or anything greater than 7.2 then you can use this software to manage an arionum wallet or to create a new one.

How To Install Arionum Light Wallet Cli

mkdir -p ~/scripts/wallet; 
cd ~/scripts/wallet; 
git clone .; 
chmod +x light-arionum-cli; 

How To Update Arionum Light Wallet Cli

cd ~/scripts/wallet;
git pull; 

How To Create an Arionum Wallet

If this is a new installation and you have never run any commands yet you can just type balance and it will prompt you to create a new wallet. It will ask you if you want to encrypt the wallet file or not. If you say yes, it will ask you to enter a password. Do NOT forget this password. It will then create a file in the same directory called “wallet.aro”. This single file is your wallet. This file contains you public and private key. If you encrpyted it, it will contain a bunch of garble protected by your password.

It will also output to the screen 3 items. Your address. Your Public Key. Your Private Key. All you need to restore a wallet is either the wallet.aro (with your password) OR the public and private key. NEVER share your private key. Keep this info safe and back it all up. I would backup the wallet.aro file, your password, your address, your public key, and your private key. Back it up twice. dont lose it.

cd ~/scripts/wallet;
./light-arionum-cli balance;

How To Restore an Arionum Wallet

There are two ways to restore a wallet.

  • Place the wallet.aro file in the same directory as the light-arionum-cli script. Then just run the commands you want. If the file is encrypted it will ask for your password when you run each command.
  • You can manually create an unencrpyted wallet.aro yourself. Just create a text file named wallet.aro and put one line in it like below. The wallet script will pick up the file and you can run your commands.

How To Check Balance With Arionum Light Wallet Cli

cd ~/scripts/wallet;
./light-arionum-cli balance;

How To List Transactions With Arionum Light Wallet Cli

cd ~/scripts/wallet;
./light-arionum-cli transactions; # will list latest transactions
./light-arionum-cli transaction [id]; # will list details of a transaction id

How To Send Money With Arionum Light Wallet Cli

When you send money it will return a transaction id. You can save the transaction id to look up on the explorer for confirmations. Confirmations average about one per four minutes.

cd ~/scripts/wallet;
./light-arionum-cli send [ARO address] [value] [optional message];

# examples
./light-arionum-cli send dsGDFGFEKRWERKrr 5.55 "hello there";
./light-arionum-cli send dsGDFGFEKRWERKrr 1.23

How To Display Arionum Wallet Info

The following command will output three items: wallet address, public key, and private key.

cd ~/scripts/wallet;
./light-arionum-cli export

How To Encrypt/Decrypt an Arionum Wallet File

cd ~/scripts/wallet;
./light-arionum-cli decrypt; # will convert wallet.aro to plain text wallet.aro
./light-arionum-cli encrypt; # will ask for password and encrypt wallet.aro